more than 20 years Sales, Marketing and Consulting projects


more than 20 years Sales, Marketing and Consulting projects

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Sales, marketing and consulting projects

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DEUMARECO Marine Systems GmbH

DEUMARECO Marine Systems GmbH was founded in Germany in 1993. DEUMARECO is specializes in hatch cover spare parts and service works. DEUMARECO offers all types of high quality spares for vessels.

The main office and warehouse are located in Hamburg. Standard spares are available directly from stock in Hamburg and China. DEUMARECO covers all major brands of the hatch cover producers.

The strengths of DEUMARECO:

Fast – parts from stock in Hamburg and China

Quality – original spares or in OEM quality

Experienced – more than 30 years experience

Flexible – a motivated team of professionals

MeramaTec Oy

MERAMATEC is specialized to design and manufacturing of material handling devices, like XLift beams, Xtrailer and XCountry cranes. The production plants locate in south Finland. MERAMATEC designs and manufactures lifting appliances according to the current norms and regulations and do also regular inspections for the lifting devices. One of the main focus at all the working devices is the safety use and safety for the workers. 

MERAMATEC has explained about the safety issues in the European Commission (EC) and consults companies for safe operation of material handling- and lifting appliances. MERAMATEC is widely known in international companies containing wood-, paper-, food-, construction-, metal- and medical industry. 

Become familiar to MERAMATEC references and products and make your own opinion.

Oy Trial Ab

TRIAL has decades of experience in making pipes and nozzles for the paper and pulp industry. Relying on extensive experience and high technical expertise TRIAL is able to offer its customers tailor-made solutions. 

Complete injection pipe and cleaning devices with the fitting nozzles and automatic brushes are all planned, designed and manufactured within the company.


Finnbaum Oy is – since 30 years – a well known line and machine solution provider for the building carpentry and prefabricated house industry.

Short general video about Finnbaum

Our production programm consist of the following:
– Aluminium part production machines and complete lines
– Wooden part production machines and complete lines
– Frame and sash milling machines
– Door milling machines

– Traceability solutions
– Tenoning machines
– Assembling and sealing machines
– Fitting installation machines
– Finnbau- production analyzing systems
– Other customized products