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MacPresse Europa

MACPRESSE is a world leader of systems for the treatment of waste and recyclable materials. Designed and built totally in Italy, at the MACPRESSE Europa plant. MACPRESSE machines are:
– technologically advanced and built with extra heavy construction
– Long-lived made with the best available components and materials
MACPRESSE products: Balers for MSW-RDF, Balers for recyclable, sorting systems, conveyors and shredders.

MeramaTec Oy

MeramaTec Oy is specialized to design and manufacturing of material handling devices. MeramaTec facilities locate in south Finland.
The innovative product development team has fulfilled customers needs by developing “Rolleri” roll handling device, “Rollcut” waste roll splitter and “MR-2000” hydraulic conveyor belt tensioner. Other products are “Xlift” lifting beams, belt-, chain-, drag bar-, slat- and roll conveyors and transfer cars with accessories.


Biojack Oy

The Biojack product portfolio consists of different kind of grapples for material handling, wood handling, energy wood grapples with knife or saw, etc. The Biojack energy wood grapples have the 4-IN-1 function, which means cutting, delimbing, loading and accumulating functions in one grapple.
Their user-friendliness is what makes Biojack grapples special. The complete description of the Biojack and the products you find from the internet.



The RKT Group is an experienced, flexible and reliable business partner who is internationally active in the fields of industry, logistics and construction.
The RKT Group provides:
– set-up and installation services
– BOFO hoists and material handling devices
– RKT Solutions – turn key deliveries in the steel industry

trial oy

Trial Oy

Trial Oy has decades of experience in making pipes and nozzles for the paper and pulp industry. Relying on extensive experience and high technical expertise Trial is able to offer its customers tailor-made solutions. Complete injection pipe and cleaning devices with the fitting nozzles and automatic brushes are all planned, designed and manufactured within the company.

solving oy

Solving Oy

Solving provides customised material handling systems that are based on the unique Solving air bearings or wheeled solutions. If required, the systems are designed with a variety of drive units, controls, and additional features to provide safe lifting, tilting and rotation. In cooperation with the customer our engineering team chooses the technology that is most appropriate to the project. Solving’s range of products includes modular air bearing systems, transport platforms with or without separate load pallets, specialised assembly jigs and turntables. Solving systems enable a load of a few hundred kilos or over a thousand tons to be handled with equal ease, precision and safety.


Cross Wrap Ltd

Cross Wrap Ltd is a Finnish company specialised in the manufacturing of square bale wrapping lines and bale opening technology. The wrapping system is patented worldwide. Cross Wrap has 20 years of experience with more than 250 deliveries to 35 countries all over the world.


Christian Madl

Christian Madl’s winery is located in the Austrian province of Lower Austria near the border to the Czech Republic. The winery produces high quality sparkling wines in a traditional way. The grapes stem mainly from the own vineyard and are harvested by hand. After a very gentle pressing, only the first must is used for our sparkling wines. In spring, sugar and yeast are added to the raw wine, which is then bottled. In the bottles the wine ferments a second time and becomes sparkling wine. Madl’s sparkling wine matures on lees between 15 and 60 months to achieve the tiny bubbles and its creaminess. Each bottle is shaken by hand and the lees are removed by artful disgorging. The adding of a dosage or liqueur d’expédition defines if it will be a brut or ultra brut. After corking and wiring the sparkling wine is now ready for you to enjoy!


Manfred Weiss

In the Austrian region of Seewinkel south of Vienna, Manfred Weiss has been growing wine with great passion and awareness for tradition for decades. The good cooperation between the generations has been crucial for our continuing success. Since 1997, the winemaker Manfred Weiss has been promoting the production and sale of bottled wine, harmoniously combining tradition and innovation. Around the town of Apetlon Manfred Weiss’ vinyard comprises an area of 15 hectares, which are spread over the reeds Darscho, Tiglat, Siebenmath, Rohrund, and Schandlesgrund. His main focus is on growing the grapes according to their variety and local traditions. Thereby he achieves the high quality of his products.

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